Below are various media contacts for each Expo, please contact the appropriate one for your request.

For information on advertising in the "CHILL" section of the Boston Globe published the Sunday before the Boston Expo please contact:
Peter Andrews
Boston Globe Media
Advertising Supervisor
[email protected]


Kathe Dillmann (PR)
KADI Communications
[email protected]

Howard Temkin (Radio Advertising)
Temkin & Company
(617) 584-4517
[email protected]

Sally Stitt (Television/Media Advertising)
Star Media, Inc.
(508) 545-6103
[email protected]


Janie McCullough (Advertising/Partnerships)
McCullough Marketing
(303) 238-3446
[email protected]

Joan Christensen (PR)
JC Communications
(970) 509-0710
[email protected]


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